I worked at Dontnod Entertainment on Vampyr as the primary UI programmer.

March 2016 – October 2017


Unreal Engine 4 logo

  • Created menus including: inventory management, character progression, map, dialogue, crafting and more.
  • Implemented a "Destiny-style" free-cursor navigation system with detailed, animated tooltips.
  • Worked extensively using Blueprints for fast iteration. Improving performance by moving intensive parts to C++.
  • Worked with artists on initial concepts to ensure consistency, user-friendliness, localization of interfaces.
  • Created custom materials to support UI artists.
  • Created a smart subtitles system following best practices from TV and film.


Player Inventory

Skill Tree

I implemented a skill tree system with detailed tooltips.

Vampiric Sight

Before combat, players can use their vampyric sight to determine the weaknesses of enemies.