With search engines getting worse and only returning SEO-engineered AI-infected garbage, it seemed the right time to go back to old fashioned indexing of useful pages.

I'm trying to post things here rather than on social media, so I can tag them and make them searchable. You can follow an RSS Feed for all the new stuff.

Disclaimer: These are links I found online, I am posting them here as a resource to the community. They are not officially endorsed by anyone I work for.

Matt's Game Dev Notebook

Matt aka Unrealist has a bunch of interesting tutorials including Lyra, Common UI and the Unreal Header Tool.

Set a conditional breakpoint on a TCHAR or FString

To set a conditional breakpoint in Visual Studio that only executes when a text matches cpp wcscmp((wchar_t*)SomeTchar.Data.AllocatorInstance.Data,L"Text I want to match") == 0 wcsstr for string comparison

How to reduce Package Size for Unreal Engine Game Builds

Cobra Code goes over how to reduce an empty project from over 300MB to something nearly 50% of the original size.

Coroutines in Unreal

How to use UE5Coro and co_await with latent nodes.

How to support all controller options for JoyCons in Common Input Settings

Nintendo Switch controllers can be used in a bunch of different configurations. Arisa covers how to support that using standard Unreal Common Input.

Using GPlayInEditorContextString To Find Multiplayer Context While Debugging In Unreal

Have you ever wondered if the breakpoint you just hit is in code running on the server or a client? There's a way to output this information in Visual Studio and Rider.

Fire any event in any Blueprint from the cheat console

ke * EventName ce EventName for level blueprints

Source: https://twitter.com/ChrisZukoArt/status/1761074467147563233

Jake's Blog

Jake Young aka Duroxxigar has some neat tutorials.

Erlite's Blog

A variety of C++-related Unreal Engine tutorials.


This experimental UE plugin uses an ECS framework (FLECS in our case) to simulate simple ballistic projects that use linetraces to collide with things and Niagara to render.

Unreal MASS Sample Project

Small sample project that uses Unreal's experimental ECS plugin.

Impromptu Games Discord

Really helpful Discord community started by Joe Wintergreen. People are very fun and friendly, mostly based in Australia it seems.

Cobra Code Unreal 2D Action Platformer Course

Seems to be an advanced version of the other course offered by Cobra Code.

Cobra Code Unreal 2D Intro Course

A rare course focused on making a 2D game in Unreal Engine.

Arisa's Blog

Tutorials on UI programming.

Dream On A Stick's Engineering Blog

Jan Machacek aka Dream On A Stick's blog covers game saves, crashes, setting up Linux CI builds and a bunch more.

Joe's Light Audit Tool

A helper widget that you can use to find and remove expensive lights in UE5.

Game Saves and Concepts

A multi-part beginnner-friendly C++ tutorial on how to set up saves with USaveGame.

Georgy Treshchev's Blog

Interesting blog.