Unreal Engine Specifiers

This repo contains the YAML files and images used to generate the property specifier documentation pages on benui.ca:

I've made them open-source so people can submit pull requests, make forks, publish their own versions of the documentation.

Example entry:

- name: VisibleAnywhere
  group: Editor
  subgroup: Visibility
  position: main
  type: flag
  incompatible: [ VisibleDefaultsOnly, VisibleInstanceOnly, EditAnywhere, EditDefaultsOnly, EditInstanceOnly ]
    Properties marked with `VisibleAnywhere` are visible in the both Details Panel of Blueprint assets and the Details Panel of Blueprint instances within maps.
    Note that this refers to being visible in the *Details Panel*, not visible in the *Blueprint Graph*. For that you need to use `BlueprintReadOnly`.
    - |
      int32 VisibleAnywhereNumber;
    text: Indicates that this property is visible in all property windows, but cannot be edited. This Specifier is incompatible with the "Edit" Specifiers.
    source: https://docs.unrealengine.com/4.27/en-US/ProgrammingAndScripting/GameplayArchitecture/Properties/Specifiers/
  images: [ /assets/unreal/uproperty/visibility-defaults-selected.png, /assets/unreal/uproperty/visibility-instance-selected.jpg ]

Format Description

Property NameData TypeRequired?Notes
namestringRequiredPlain text. I try to camelcase even though the name is technically case-insensitive.
groupstring Arbitrary string I use to display related specifiers together.
subgroupstring A way of categorizing specifiers further within a group.
positionstringRequiredValid values are main or meta.
typestringRequiredValid values are flag, string, number, bool.
type-commentstring Extra information about the type. For example if the string must be the name of a valid UPROPERTY member variable, or number must be an integer.
commentstring Long free-text description on how to use the specifier. Includes Markdown formatting.
samplesstring array An array of code snippets that show how the specifier is used.
requiredspecifier array A list of specifiers that must be included for this specifier to be valid.
relatedspecifier array Other specifiers that are worth looking at related to this context.
incompatiblespecifier array A list of specifiers that are invalid when paired with this specifier.
synonymsspecifier array A list of specifiers that have the same effect to this specifier.
antonymsspecifier array A list of specifiers that have the opposite effect to this specifier.
inheritedboolean UCLASS-specific. Whether a specifier on a parent means the child implicitly has that same specifier.
documentationstruct See below for the properties within this struct.
documentation.texttextRequired if documentation struct exists.Official Unreal Engine documentation that describes the specifier. Can be taken from web or source code.
documentation.sourceurl The URL from which the documentation is taken. In the case of files I include a link to the file on GitHub.
imagesstring array I try to take screenshots with Unreal Engine 5.0 for consistency.

Known Issues