While snooping around in Unreal's UCheatManager class I found something fun, a function called CheatScript. It lets you store a set of cheats in a .ini, and then run them with a single command. It seems very handy for getting the player into a particular state for testing.

Anyway, here's how to use it.

  1. Inside your DefaultGame.ini file, add a new section that starts with Cheatscript followed by the name you want to give to, e.g. [CheatScript.GiveAll]
  2. Underneath, add the cheats you want in the format Key=Cheat. Key can be anything, all your entries can have the same key, it's just that the ini file has to be in the format X=Y. The value part, Cheat is what you would normally put into the cheat console.
  3. Run your game and open the cheat console with tilde, and type in CheatScript GiveAll (where GiveAll is the name of the section).


; Example script runnable with "CheatScript GiveAll" that will
; execute the following cheats

Cheat=SetPlayerLevel 10
Cheat=GiveWeapon Shovel
Cheat=GiveArmor Chainmail

Running the cheat

> CheatScript GiveAll

Some notes:

  • The section headings have a period between CheatScript and the cheat name, but when executing the cheat, you need to use a space
  • As far as I can tell, changes DefaultGame.ini are not noticed while the editor is running. So unfortunately if you change or add to your set of cheats