UMG has support for animation timelines through the editor, but I often find them lacking. I created a UI tweening library in C++ to solve some of the problems of UMG animations:

  • It's easy to create create multiple, offset animations for variable numbers of widgets inside containers. For example tweening each child of a VerticalBox with a delay between each element.
  • It's possible to rearrange widget hierarchies without breaking animations.
  • It's easy to scale animation durations, or have their speeds driven by code.
  • Reusing animations between elements is easy.

UUITween::Create(SomeWidget, 0.2f)
	.FromTranslation(FVector2D(-100, 0))
	.ToTranslation(FVector2D(20, 10))

For more information, please refer to the full documentation on GitHub.

View on GitHub

Example Usage

Tweening elements within a vertical box with a delay between each element

const float DelayBetweenElements = 0.1f;
for (int32 i = 0; i < MyVerticalBox.GetChildrenCount(); ++i)
	UUITween::Create(MyVerticalBox.GetChildAt(i), 0.2f, DelayBetweenElements * i)
		.FromTranslation(FVector2D(-100, 0))